H-bomb of justice…

When the world around you seems to be driving full tilt towards batshit crazy, at least you can count on North Korea to kit it up a notch. With discord and dissension the order of the day at home and wars simmering across the Middle East, it’s like the two bit dictator of our favoriteKimbackwater just needs to rattle his cage a bit so the world remembers he’s there – and doing whatever it is you do when you’re the undisputed liege and master of earth’s most isolated nation.

Good work, Dear Leader. You’ve reminded us all of the basic absurdity of, well, everything. While world leaders may have to treat you as a serious threat to global peace and safety, I think your antics are just delightfully entertaining. The long-departed Nero only fiddled while Rome burned. Kim Jong, on the other hand, seems to be happiest running from house to house with his personalized book of matches and flinging them indiscriminately at whatever catches his fancy. It must be a charmed life. I mean, why wouldn’t it be, the ladies seem to dig him.

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